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Welcome 2012!!! - Goals & Determination

Well it's here, the new year!
Welcome 2012, let's get comfy.

This year I have planned on a few things. Here goes my list.

- Be crafty (how many things have you spotted and have gone, "Hmm, I love that, will have to do it." and never have? Yep, that's me.)

- Be scrappy (I got a total of 5 - yes people 5! - layouts completed last year. Also going to get more personal and journal more...YIKES!) I am happy to report that I got 2 layouts completed before 2012 even hit. I am off to a good start, what do you think?

- Be healthy ( I really need to lay off the sugar with a touch of tea.. pfft. Well, really it's more than that, the way I eat, no exercise, lack of energy, feeling like crap...and so on.)

- Be snappy (I need to take more photos.)

I don't think my goals are too unreasonable. It's just things I want to do more of. There are no set numbers of each, so I think I'll get through them.

I saw this awesome thread at TDC that really got me thinking.
One Little Word? What is that?
Basically, it's a word you choose for yourself for the year, and then you live that word.
I've decided to go along.
I am making 2012 my "PROGRESS" year!

Progress| - a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage
- growth or development; continuous improvement

- advance towards completion, maturity, or perfection

What's your word for the year?

So, here begins my journey this year. I hope that you challenge yourself as well!
Let's do this!
Happy New Year to you and yours!!



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