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Sidewalk Sale - 50% off Beautiful You

Don't miss the Sidewalk Sale over at One Story Down.


Have yet to here what this sale is?

Every week, for the month of September, one item from each designer is marked down for 50% off.  You have from Saturday until the following Saturday to grab the items.  One Saturday arrives, that item will be returned to regular price and then another item will be in it's place.

There are currently 16 items at 50% off.

This week, I marked this kit down.  Grab it now, you have until Friday night :)

Get ready for Friday!!
September Block Party!!!


A few sneaks of the items I will have.

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Sidewalk Sale + OSD September Photo Challenge

Well, hello there September!
I am not sure about you but as soon as September 1st hits, it's straight Autumn to me.  Summer is officially over.  The temperature doesn't have to change, the leaves don't have to start changing colors or falling, it just has to be September.

My favorite season has always been Spring.  With the temperature, the newness of flowers & trees blooming, it was always my favorite time of year.  But, the older I get, I am leaning toward Fall.  The colors are what amaze me.  I love to watch the trees change colors, from reds, oranges, and yellows, right before they end up falling off the branches, is what I look forward to.

I have been browsing Pinterest (of course) and came across some decorating ideas for this Fall.
I can not wait to get started and I want to decorate right now, because like I said, September is my sign of Autumn being here and well, why wait?

Speaking of September.  Have you heard that One Story Down is having a Sidewalk Sale all month long?
Each week an item from each designer is thrown into 50% off sale bin.  The sale for that current week runs from Saturday through Friday.  Once Friday hits, the items will go back to regular prices and new items are then placed in the bin for the next week.  Don't miss out on grabbing some great things for 50% off.

Here is my Week 1 Product:

Sale Price: $2.00 | $4.00

Also, OSD is having it's own Photo-A-Day challenge.
Start today!

Have a great Weekend!!

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Learn.Grow.Succeed + Freebie + Sneak Winner

Happy Friday!

You know, I just realized that this is the last Friday of August.  
I had such a busy, fun, relaxing and lazy Summer that I just now really took notice that it's over.  No worries for me though.  I am looking forward to going back to work.  This Summer was so long for me that I feel like I got my complete rest and am ready to go full speed for the school year :)

Monday is my first day back to work, and my kids go back to school too.

Speaking of back to school.  Are you in need of a some items to help you scrap those first of the day pages?

Well, say "hello" to Learn.Grow.Succeed!
I love the way these products came out.  Have to say, it's at the top of my list of favs!


In this collection, you are able to purchase a..
and I also Bundled it all up for one low price!

By Lilja (OSD)

by Jana (OSD)

Sneak & Win Winner!!!

Thanks for commenting.
Loved to read everyone's memory of school.
Please email me at feknelson (at) aol (dot) com to receive your GC to grab it ALL!
It's waiting for you :)

If you do end up grabbing this kit/items, please share your pages with me.
I would love to see what you have created.  Oh, and did you know that if I spot your layout in the gallery, you can win a $10 GC to my store?  So load those pages!!!

Finally, I leave you with this little item.
Coordinating Freebie!
Grab it HERE

Annnnnd, lastly.
If you missed this spotlighted at DSA last month, you can now grab it at OSD!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings :)
Have a great weekend and keep an eye out for next week.  Something cool for September is happening at One Story Down.

ox Katherine

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Learn. Grow. Succeed Sneak & Win!


On Friday I have a new collection coming.
Here is a peek of what is going to be released at One Story Down

Would you like a chance to win it?
Leave a comment here and on Thursday night 10pm EST I will choose a winner.

What is your favorite School memory?

Thanks for reading.
See you tomorrow!
ox Katherine
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You Might Have Missed...

With me being MIA on this here blog,
you might just have missed some things.
I am speaking of recent product releases.

 August Block Party Goods
Sunshine & Citris Alphas | Journal Cards | Frames


 Beautiful You Kit | Rock You Templates | One Fine Day Collab w/ Tracy Martin & Sissy Sparrows (July BP)

Breeze Alpha | Breeze | I Got this Elements


 I Got This Journal Pockets | I Got This Papers | Journal Bits

Did you also know that there is a Freebie Hotspot on my Facebook page?
Yep, all freebies, all the time.
They never expire.

Check back tomorrow for a sneak & win of my new release for this week.
Have a great night.

ox Katherine
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Random Ramblings From An Amateur + Back To School Idea Finds

I think I am the worst blogger ever!
It's been awhile since I last updated this thing.
I think it had a lot to do with my month long vacation.

Well, I hope to come back daily and chat about something :)

Today I am just updating on a few things that have been going on.
Since leaving on the 22nd of June to go to my husbands hometown of Tacoma/Seattle Washington and visit with friends & family, I have just been busy.  Who isn't though, right?  We got home around the 20th of July and I had to jump right into our Church's VBS.  With those 2 weeks finally over, I thought I would finally have just lazy days left until I had to go back to work.  A couple days after VBS I get a phone call that my mom was having chest pains and was taken to the hospital.  Long story short, she had a mild heart-attack and spent a few days in the hospital.  She is out now and doing well.  She has been staying with us for almost 2 weeks to get back her strength and to relax... oh and to be really spoiled...lol
Last week, my uncle (father's brother) passed away and my dad has been dealing with high blood pressure.
Oh boy!  Can't say that this Summer wont be remembered.

So here it is the 20th of August and one week left until my kids are back to school and I am back at work.
I am actually looking forward to going back to work.  It seems like I am always ready when it finally approaches.  2 months off for the Summer is amazing to have.  Now it's back to schedules, early mornings and daily routines, *sigh*  Can't wait!

We were fortunate to be given a nice camera from his aunt.  It's an old Sony DSLR camera.  But to me it's new, and somewhere for me to start taking really nice photos.  My first "session" is with my kids and the back to school photos.  I can not wait to get started and see how they come out.

I went exploring on ideas for the photos (I have a whole list of ideas too).
Since their first day is the same as my first day back to work, and I wont be home when they leave, I decided to the photos this Sunday.

Here are a few ideas that I love and must recreate (in my own special way)

I love the idea of getting close up on certain things.
- Shoes
- Clothes
- School supplies/backpack

- I have a big porch with a white railing, so having them line up along the rail, leaning over, sounds fun.
- A shot of them walking away towards the end of the driveway with their backpacks.
- Grouped together sitting on the steps of the porch with their backpacks.
- Arial shot of them laying on ground.

- A photo taken at their school, in front of the building, sign, or doors.
(Since we will be taking these shots before school starts on Sunday, we wont have to worry about anyone around)
- Love the shots of them holding something (chat bubble, chalkboard, sign) that says what grade they are going into as well.

- A shot of their backpacks lined up
- Scattered supplies
- Packed lunch
- If photos are taken at school, just a photo of their school sign, the building, etc.
(If you are able to get into the school, shots of their lockers, room with desks would be great shots too)
- With the bus
(fortunately for me, I am a school bus driver, so taking them down to the bus lot and take photos of them getting on/off the bus and just some random shots of them sitting on the books with their stuff is easy for me)

Now I know I am just an amateur but ideas are ideas right?  LOL

Here are a few sites I came across with more Back To School Photo Ideas

The Daily Buzz - Fun ideas for marking the first day of school <--- great photo ideas as well as other fun thins to do. ( love the sibling chasing the other and papers flying!)


Here are some crafty cool ideas I came across while scanning pinterest

Weekly Chart
Great way to make sure everything is done.
Our biggest thing that always gets forgotten, is to get the clothes ready for the next day.
There I am at 4AM in the morning scrounging around while they are sleeping and trying to be
quiet to not wake them up to get their clothes, because of course, as a mom, I HAVE to make sure
they have the right clothes on. :)

Can you get any more organized, then with these?
Child Message Centers

A great idea for an all-in-one area for everything.
- Weekly Schedule
- Calendar for future
- A place to write notes
- An area to clip important papers or assignments
- Not to mention a place for their photos.. aww, too cute!

And then added below these boards are hooks for each back-pack.
Something that I want soo much!

Organizing papers
I am a HUGE paper hoarder when it comes to my kids' things from school.
I just don't want to get rid of anything!
This is a great idea on how to keep it organized.
A simple, easy and cheap way.

Displaying your child's artwork.
Every family has artistic children.
From stick figures, to full on painted projects.
Each child likes to create something.
My refrigerator is full of things the kids bring home.  There is only so much space that it can hold.
I came across this cute little way of displaying those little Picasso's you have.

Thanks for reading my little Back to School blurb!
Hope you enjoyed the read and maybe came across some ideas that you might not have thought of.
All of the above are linked to the original posts (to read more and find out how it's done).
They were found while scanning Pinterest

ox Katherine

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Happy Friday!!
New release day.. yay!

I have a special kit that I created for the mommies.  Whether it's making a page of you and your child(ren) or creating a memory page of your own mom, this kit is perfect.  Moms are special people that do amazing things.  And I am not just saying that because I am a mom.  I mean seriously.

Who shows their pride in the person you are, no matter your faults and mistakes?

Who is the person you run to when you are sick?
 and don't lie, no matter what age you are, when you are sick, you want your mom! 
 *raising hand*

Who hurts when you hurt?

Who do you know that has the arms to hold you when you need that special hug?

Who will fight for you?

I know that I am thankful for having my mom and even more so to be that special person for my own kids.
Grab this kit to create that amazing page to showcase your mom moment, whether with your own children or you and your mom.

From 5/25 to 5/27 only


BY ltarbox





The Sneak & Win Winner is....

Blogger Juli Fish said...
My favorite mom moment was when my daughter performed in the All County Music festival. She was part of the world drum group and they got 4 standing ovations. I was so proud!

Thank you!  please contact me at flutter.expressions.by.pb (at) gmail (dot) com to receive your GC to grab the Kit, journal cards and wordtabs!

Something else that I am releasing this week is the freebie that was given out on iNSD.  I don't usually sell a freebie but this was an exclusive freebie, for just the challenge participants.  Sorry if you missed the challenge, but you can still grab these little bits.

Just in case you missed this also.  
There is going to be a monthly Block Party over at OSD.  
- 1 Color Palette
- 1 trio collab
- matching add-ons by the rest of the designers

What FUN!!

May's Block Party was awesome.
Here is the collab Soho Chic (by Peeps&Milo, Snips&Snails and Domesticated Lady)
Grab more BP goods from the other designers here!
Here is my little element pack.  Sticky tape.  That will coordinate with anything from the May Block Party category.
Watch for next months party for challenges with freebies & prizes! 

And finally I am leaving you with this little freebie from my FB page!
** also, by the way, if you are a newsletter subscriber, there is a freebie QP too.

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