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A bit about me!
My real name is Katherine.  I am a (as of November 13th, 2011) 28 year old working wife and mommy of 3 (10, 9, &  6).  We live in SE Pennsylvania.  Outside of designing, I am school bus driver and love every minute of it.  Even the 4AM wake-ups, haha!!  I discovered digital scrapbooking back in the Fall of 2007 and have been hooked since.  I did try to paper scrap but with no where to store my things and a baby running around was just too hectic.  Once I discovered digi, I was in heaven.  Almost a year of scrapping I decided to dip my toe into designing things myself.  Started off as just experimenting and giving it away on my blog and then finally stepping further and applying to store calls.  My first store home was Been There Scrapped That, owned by Liz.  I am thankful for her in giving me that opportunity to start my business.  I have since grown from what I started out at and learned a lot since then.  I just celebrated my 3rd year of designing and it was exciting and who knows how much longer I will go on.  I love to see the special pages of memories that are created with my designs, it really touches my heart.    I love to doodle (and believe it or not, I don't use a mouse, a tablet or even my Bamboo that is sitting in it's box in the corner...lol)  I have a laptop, so I use the touch pad.  If it gets it done, why struggle with something else? Thank you for stopping by.

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