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2012 is on it's way!

There is only a day left in 2011. Wow!
Are you ready for 2012? New goals, a fresh start, a new number you have to remember.
haha, seriously. How long does it take you to remember that it's the new year and not the old when you are filling something out? Yea, takes me awhile.

So how did 2011 treat you? Happy it's over? Best year of your life?
2011 for me was a blessing. A lot had happened that I am thankful to God for.
I remember sitting in my bible study and saying to the other ladies that I felt that 2011 was going to be BIG! My feeling was right and it was big. Several major things happened.

I am thankful for the past year and the years before that. All I can say is bring on 2012. Let's see what you got.

Have a happy New Year & Many blessings!
xo Katherine



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