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Sneaky Peek!

Well, what a day. We are in the middle of a snowstorm. Well, then again, it could be the end?.....*looking out window*...Ok maybe not, it's snowing like crazy out there. And I have to say that I am soooooooo excited. Well, then again...kinda...lol...I had to go 2x already to shovel the driveway. (yea, I shovel...lol..I ain't no wimp and lazy), like a so-called person I saw, who has a dinky driveway and did a half ass job on his. *shaking head*. But anyway, I have been wanting this kind of winter for the past few years now. We always get jipped when it comes to snow. It may snow but last a couple days. Now the way I see it, this stuff looks to last awhile...lol. Everyone tells me I am nuts, but when you live in an area that gets snow and has real winters and you haven't really had a "real" winter in awhile, you are bummed out. A good thing though, is that it's Saturday, and I don't have to work or go anywhere. Now tomorrow may be a missed Church day. Since it's 4:00 and it doesn't look to be letting up soon. Think I should turn on the weather channel.

OK, OK, enough chatter. The real reason why I am posting :D

I have a few things coming on Monday over at Elemental Scraps. I just want to share a peek of what it is.

Cya Monday!!



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