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Round 3!!!! Freebie

Well as you can see I made it to Round 3 in the SYTYCD contest!! Yahoo!!!! Now just wish for me to continue on for the 4th one. An announcement in the chat room over at digiscrapaddicts.com will be made tomorrow at 11:00 (EST). I am soo nervous. There are going to be 20 people eliminated. OK, so I again was submitting in the little hours before the deadline. I so thought that I would have this thing done on Monday. We had to pick a song from The Beatles for inspiration for our kit. Well I knew right off the bat what I wanted and how I wanted it to all look, but every time I went into Photoshop and everything I was making I was deleting. It was so frustrating let me tell you. So I didn't get it all out until Thursday.
OK, so enough chit chat, you want the link to go grab that freebie and the other 39 kits.

I picked the song "Let It Be". Love this song.



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