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Random Ramblings From An Amateur + Back To School Idea Finds

I think I am the worst blogger ever!
It's been awhile since I last updated this thing.
I think it had a lot to do with my month long vacation.

Well, I hope to come back daily and chat about something :)

Today I am just updating on a few things that have been going on.
Since leaving on the 22nd of June to go to my husbands hometown of Tacoma/Seattle Washington and visit with friends & family, I have just been busy.  Who isn't though, right?  We got home around the 20th of July and I had to jump right into our Church's VBS.  With those 2 weeks finally over, I thought I would finally have just lazy days left until I had to go back to work.  A couple days after VBS I get a phone call that my mom was having chest pains and was taken to the hospital.  Long story short, she had a mild heart-attack and spent a few days in the hospital.  She is out now and doing well.  She has been staying with us for almost 2 weeks to get back her strength and to relax... oh and to be really spoiled...lol
Last week, my uncle (father's brother) passed away and my dad has been dealing with high blood pressure.
Oh boy!  Can't say that this Summer wont be remembered.

So here it is the 20th of August and one week left until my kids are back to school and I am back at work.
I am actually looking forward to going back to work.  It seems like I am always ready when it finally approaches.  2 months off for the Summer is amazing to have.  Now it's back to schedules, early mornings and daily routines, *sigh*  Can't wait!

We were fortunate to be given a nice camera from his aunt.  It's an old Sony DSLR camera.  But to me it's new, and somewhere for me to start taking really nice photos.  My first "session" is with my kids and the back to school photos.  I can not wait to get started and see how they come out.

I went exploring on ideas for the photos (I have a whole list of ideas too).
Since their first day is the same as my first day back to work, and I wont be home when they leave, I decided to the photos this Sunday.

Here are a few ideas that I love and must recreate (in my own special way)

I love the idea of getting close up on certain things.
- Shoes
- Clothes
- School supplies/backpack

- I have a big porch with a white railing, so having them line up along the rail, leaning over, sounds fun.
- A shot of them walking away towards the end of the driveway with their backpacks.
- Grouped together sitting on the steps of the porch with their backpacks.
- Arial shot of them laying on ground.

- A photo taken at their school, in front of the building, sign, or doors.
(Since we will be taking these shots before school starts on Sunday, we wont have to worry about anyone around)
- Love the shots of them holding something (chat bubble, chalkboard, sign) that says what grade they are going into as well.

- A shot of their backpacks lined up
- Scattered supplies
- Packed lunch
- If photos are taken at school, just a photo of their school sign, the building, etc.
(If you are able to get into the school, shots of their lockers, room with desks would be great shots too)
- With the bus
(fortunately for me, I am a school bus driver, so taking them down to the bus lot and take photos of them getting on/off the bus and just some random shots of them sitting on the books with their stuff is easy for me)

Now I know I am just an amateur but ideas are ideas right?  LOL

Here are a few sites I came across with more Back To School Photo Ideas

The Daily Buzz - Fun ideas for marking the first day of school <--- great photo ideas as well as other fun thins to do. ( love the sibling chasing the other and papers flying!)


Here are some crafty cool ideas I came across while scanning pinterest

Weekly Chart
Great way to make sure everything is done.
Our biggest thing that always gets forgotten, is to get the clothes ready for the next day.
There I am at 4AM in the morning scrounging around while they are sleeping and trying to be
quiet to not wake them up to get their clothes, because of course, as a mom, I HAVE to make sure
they have the right clothes on. :)

Can you get any more organized, then with these?
Child Message Centers

A great idea for an all-in-one area for everything.
- Weekly Schedule
- Calendar for future
- A place to write notes
- An area to clip important papers or assignments
- Not to mention a place for their photos.. aww, too cute!

And then added below these boards are hooks for each back-pack.
Something that I want soo much!

Organizing papers
I am a HUGE paper hoarder when it comes to my kids' things from school.
I just don't want to get rid of anything!
This is a great idea on how to keep it organized.
A simple, easy and cheap way.

Displaying your child's artwork.
Every family has artistic children.
From stick figures, to full on painted projects.
Each child likes to create something.
My refrigerator is full of things the kids bring home.  There is only so much space that it can hold.
I came across this cute little way of displaying those little Picasso's you have.

Thanks for reading my little Back to School blurb!
Hope you enjoyed the read and maybe came across some ideas that you might not have thought of.
All of the above are linked to the original posts (to read more and find out how it's done).
They were found while scanning Pinterest

ox Katherine


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