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Color Describes You! - Interesting

This is interesting.
Before the end of the school year we (us drivers) had a little get together at the office. Here I was sitting and talking to a friend and she was telling me that her daughter had to do this project on colors. Specifically, she had to go around and ask people to describe themselves in a color. Now, I was like, well that is hard. How can you possibly answer a question like that? But then while sitting and talking the whole color issue was still running in the back of my head. Then, it suddenly dawned on me. Describing yourself in a particular color is really easy. After a light bulb popping on in my head, there we were back on the color issue.

Now, someone is probably reading this going, "Duh, you didn't know this?" No, really, I didn't. Because "frankly my dear....." *snort* I don't research this stuff, it's not on my to-do list, not on my "mommy radar, and well, I really don't think about stuff that seems minor. I mean, I know there are people out there that specifically research the whole color issue on what color matches you for clothing, but, again, I am not this person!

So, back to the beginning. Light bulb pops on and I go, "Wait a minute!". Literally, in the middle of a whole different conversation while she was speaking. HAHA! Did I mention that I have been told by my husband I have ADHD (and seriously going to see the doctor about this since there has been a HUGE amount of things said about it and pointed out to me), and when things pop in my head, whether on what is being talked about or so far off the topic, I just blurt it out...anyway, see what I just did there? Totally off topic :P

So, the whole "Wait a minute!" pops out of my mouth and she stops talking and just looks at me. I go, "I understand the whole colors thing, I think I can do this. We just have to figure out what color would mean what mood." Now again, did I mention that I am no expert and this is me just thinking? OK, I wanted to make that point of fact! :)

I start naming colors and putting moods to them.
Here is my little list:
  • Red: Angry; frustrated
  • Blue: (this one I was stuck with, well the certain word I wanted in mood, but more or less) feeling down, depressed, lonely
  • Green: You want to grow; explore; learn; active
  • Yellow: Chipper; sunny; happy go lucky
  • Black: Deep and dark
  • Purple: mellow, whatever
Well, those are what I think. I have yet to actually go looking to see what they would really mean. Wait......I'll do that now...be right back!

OK, so I googled:
I think by this chart (Color Mood Chart) I am way off on my defining mood to color...haha

Now here is a topic of Color Affects Mood. Think I have heard of this before, but this isn't what I was talking about in a mood describing you. But still interesting

After reading about this topic, have you ever thought of moods in color? If you have, did you think along the lines like me, or by the chart? By the Color affects mood topic, are there colors that put you in certain moods?



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