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Ooops... Bag was revealed and Sunny News!

Umm...ooops?!?! My fault I forgot to post about my grab bag being revealed this past weekend and now being sold separately :0/ I had everything else scheduled...could have sworn I set that post up..GRR...oh well. And here we are.

Saturday was a horrible day for me. I had the worst headache that I have ever had. I am not sure how it started. I woke up at 9:00, yea I got to actually sleep in being that my mom had the kids from Friday into Saturday. Anyway, so I woke up and felt OK, (well spelled Okay if my husband was reading this he would flip with the "OK" business...lol..that's another post all on it's own), then I started to have a bit of an achy headache feeling in the bottom part of my skull on the right side. I took some aspirin because it just felt like one of those headaches that if something isn't taken right away then it will be awhile before it works. A couple hours later, full blown headache. The only way I noticed that it would ease up is if I laid flat on my back and put my head all the way to the left. But that only lasted for a minute or 2 and then the headache was back in full force. I thought that maybe it was a tension headache, so I tried to rub the spot. Now this pain went from the bottom part of my skull and then (if this sounds right), it would have like spirals of pain go to my right ear and eye and forehead. A couple hours later, still no relief so I popped a couple more aspirin. It seemed like they weren't working. The only thing I could do was lay down. If I sat up or stood up, it was that blinding pain where you tense up and slam your eyes shut because the whole head hurts. Alright, so a few more hours pass, still no relief. Now, my family has a history of blood clots. My grandmother (mom's mom), died from one, my Aunt (mom's sister), died from one, my mom has had them since I was a young child, in her lungs, near her heart, and legs, she is on medication (blood thinner) for the rest of her life and has to get tested once a month to see how thick or thin her blood is. My other Aunt (my mom's other sister), has had several and she is on medication for the rest of her life. So here I am sitting and wondering if maybe I have a blood clot in my head. I mean, I never had this pain before, and never at the bottom of my skull like this, so I didn't know. But I am a procrastinator when it comes to my health anyway, because I say I will get better instead of going off and seeing a doctor. At one point though, I am crying in bed almost about to tell my husband to take me to the hospital, I just wanted the pain to go away. But anyway, on with my story. So I finally laid down and it eased and I just stayed in bed and eventually fell asleep. I woke up and the pain was just about gone. YAY!!! So here I went and took a couple more aspirin thinking, well it's almost gone now, I don't want to mess it up...lol...so I was making sure that it would go away by taking them. Ummm, yea...I think that was my wrong move. An hour later, my headache was back full force!!! I look back now and wonder if the aspirin was making my headaches worse then helping, at least that is how it felt...lol. Well I went back to sleep and it ended up where I slept the rest of the night but woke twice in the middle. Both times, I was almost screaming with pain, and it lasted for like a minute - who knows but it felt like forever, and then it would ease and be almost gone and I would go back to sleep. Sunday morning I wake up and poof!!, headache is gone. So WTH?!?!?!?! So bad tension headache? Bad migraine? What the heck was it? All I know now, is that it's gone and I never want another headache again.

Oh so, here we are at last. Sorry about that. I revealed my grab bag and each item is being sold separately...cool huh?
Now I am also selling the papers and elements separate as well :)

Full kit

Now, moving on to some Sun news.
Today being released is Suns Collaboration Grab bag.
only $3.00!!
It's soo sweet (hehe)
Sugar Cookie



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