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You're Welcome + SUNny Weekend + Coming Soon!

There are a few things to talk about in this post.
I want to start off by saying "You are very welcome" for the SUN blog
train freebie :) I am happy to hear that you liked everything!
Hmm...Easter is coming, right?....hint hint :P
Today is Saturday and what's that mean? SUNny Weekend!
Come on over and check out the New Releases! All 30% off for the weekend.
I placed my collabs with {simply.scraps} over at SUN, so come grab it!
There is a bit of news for April - come back soon to find that out!
yea - I am making you wait...nah nah
I have been a bit busy with moving...*sigh*, it has now been delayed 2 weeks - which is a good thing because I am not stressing and running around packing and everything else on top of it...lol



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