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Dollar Day and New Releases @ Elemental

Good Morning!!
Well it's Monday the 15th of February...where the heck has January gone?
Well Happy Belated V-day to you all!
I personally think that it's overated....no really, think about it.
I personally am a random type girl. I would rather have a random day out of the year
for my hubs to be spotaneous, then on a day it's expected. Just me I guess! But I still
did get something...haha
Anywayyyyyy.... my reason for posting.
Again this week, I have no releases...but look for next week :)
But that doesn't mean that I am not going to promote the heck out of my co- (workers...should I say?...haha)
Today is not only New Release day (must say, awesome goodies too), but it's also Dollar Day over at Elemental Scraps.
Come on over and fill up your carts, I am sure the paypal wont mind a little dent :D
Alrighty, I am off here



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