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August Desktop Challenge

Yep, it's that time again. Start a new challenge. Can't believe it's August already. *sigh* My summer is slowly dwindling down to nothing, and I still have stuff to do. We are planning on going to my MIL's down in Tennessee for a week (and that is in 2 weeks), I am going to be dealing with my oldest daughter's cheerleading every night. Getting ready to go back to work. Can I get more time please?

OK, so anyway, enough of my whining. Go over to BTST and check out the challenges. They are lots of fun and you get goodies. As you know, I host the Desktop Challenge over there and this month I am providing a template that was made by IKeaGoddess @ ikeagoddes.blogspot.com

So hop on over. This is the goodie that you get from me. In order to get the whole MEGA kit from the other designers too, you have to do the other challenges. By the end of the month (or sooner, depending on how fast you get your layouts done) you will have one awesome kit. And being that school is just starting, a great kit to scrap the school activities.

Cya over there :D

Here is the goodie you get from me!



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